See the new page…

August 6, 2009 at 8:37 PM | Posted in Uncategorized | 3 Comments

See the new page regarding information on writing and displaying Devanagri font.



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  1. बहुत सुन्दर प्रयास है। मेरा आशीर्वाद।

    सन्दीप अग्रवाल

  2. Beta, your uncle sent this. Keep up the good work. Studied Sanskrit years back but did not practice like you. Wish we had would be proficient in it now and bne able to read our great scriptures.

    Sanskrit is being revived and taught in Britain primary schools. Some day India will awaken too!!

    Ayushmaan bhaav bete!

    • Thank You Aunty but I dont know you! Definitely INdia will do much and go ahesd in this regard!

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