Whats the need of ornaments?

August 9, 2009 at 3:12 PM | Posted in सुभाषितानि(Subhashitaani) | Leave a comment

हस्तस्य भूषणम् दानम् सत्यम् कण्ठस्य भूषणम् ।

कर्णस्य भूषणम् शास्त्रम् भूषणैः किम् प्रयोजनम् ॥

hastasya bhūśaṇam dānam satyam karṇasya bhūśaṇam stotrasya bhūśaṇam śāstram bhūśaṇaihi kim prayojanam

Charity is the ornament for hands. Truth is the ornament for speech. Hearing the scriptures is the ornament for ears. Where is the need for other ornaments?


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