Came first in India Quiz!

September 13, 2009 at 4:19 PM | Posted in Uncategorized | 4 Comments

अद्य मया ‘भारत को जानो’ नाम्नः प्रतियोगितायाम् भागः ग्रहीतः। मया सह एका छात्रा अपि आसीत्। आवयोः दलः प्रथमम् स्थानम् प्राप्तवान्।इयम् भारतस्य विषये सामान्य-ज्ञानस्य प्रतियोगिता  आसीत् या भारत-विकास-परिषदेन आयोजिता। मम विद्यालयस्य कनिष्ठेन दलेन अपि प्रथमः स्थानः प्राप्तः!



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  1. नमो नम अस्य समाचार मम अतीव प्रसन्नम करोति।
    ह्य द्वितिया स्थानम् के पराप्त: ????

    i am very weak in writing in sanskrit…. so do tell me the corrections too…. congratulations mukund once again….

    • Thank You very much Sreshtha.Govt. Inter College Noida won the second prize and Maharishi Mandir the 3rd one.Corrections-
      अयम् समाचारः

      • thanks for the corrections…do keep on correcting my feed comments…
        also one more thing i am very weak in describing pictures in sanskrit (chitravarnam) and therefore always lose my marks, not able to score full in sanskrit just because of it….please do help…

        धन्यवाद: मुकुन्द:

  2. please can anyone help me covert english sentence into sanskrit sentence

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