Download the Pre board 2 papers!

January 31, 2010 at 6:00 PM | Posted in Uncategorized | 8 Comments


For the Bal Bharatians: You can download the Pre Board 2 papers from here. its in the Pdf format.



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  1. Thanks Mukund! The file is excellent and I was in need of the papers.
    Vaise voh sharing vala logo mast hai!

    • Thanx.

  2. Nice collection! 12th ka bhi hai kya?

    • धन्यवाद भाईसाहब !

  3. How are the preparations going? I need the Maths paper too.

    • Just going well.I dont have it.if anyone has the maths paper pls post it.

  4. महॊदय नमांसि ।

    भवतः ब्लाग् / वेब् सैट् पृष्ठं संस्कृतवाण्यां (The unique Sanskrit aggregator)संयॊजितं इति वक्तुं संतॊषं प्रकटयामि । तदत्र निम्नॊक्तप्रदॆशॆ द्रष्टुं शक्यतॆ

    अन्यदपि मॆ विज्ञापनं यद्भवतां ब्लाग् / वेब् सैट् पृष्ठॆ अस्माकं संस्कृतवाण्याः ( प्रदॆशॆ लभॆत् ) चित्रं यथाशक्ति प्रकटीकुर्युः यॆन वयं धन्याः, कृतज्ञाश्च भवॆम ।

    संस्कृतवाणी कृतॆ –

    पाण्डुरङ्गशर्मा रामकः


    Sanskrit Aggregator’s Blog

  5. I need common Sanskrit learn book step by step please anyone could have me this?

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